Exodus: A Brickfilm (2019)

If you browse my site, you’ll see that I have broken ranks just once. I usually review full-length feature films, the lone except is Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which was only 22 minutes long. I decided to watch Exodus: A Brickfilm (35 mins) because it looked awesome. As you may remember, I’ve never been a fan … More Exodus: A Brickfilm (2019)

Onward (2020)

When the first trailer(s) for Onward was released, I had wondered if Pixar had finally lost their minds. This medieval-themed movie set around a pair of troll brothers looked terrible. I wasn’t the least bit excited, but then professional and personal reviews informed me that it was indeed Pixar’s next hit. Despite my skepticism and … More Onward (2020)

Frozen II (2019)

Frozen II is a masterpiece thanks to breathtaking animation and fantastic character development. This story will take you places you’ve never dreamt of and give you a deeper appreciation of true love. If you look back at the history of Disney and it’s a long list of Princesses, there is no one quite like Queen … More Frozen II (2019)

The Lion King (2019)

If I had to sum the live-action release of The Lion King, I would just say “meh.” If it weren’t for the exceptional and breathtaking cinematography, this movie would have bombed. The Lion King is one the crown jewels of Disney animation, and unfortunately, Jon Favreau did nothing to separate his film from that one. … More The Lion King (2019)