Twelve (2019)

Twelve popped up on my radar a little while ago. Since baseball went into hibernation, I was somewhat reluctant to tease myself with watching the game I dearly missed. Now that the game is back, it was time to fill my day with nothing but baseball.  At first glance, I figured Twelve would be just … More Twelve (2019)

Gibsonburg (2013)

Have you ever been duped into watching a movie under false pretenses? Gibsonburg was that kind of movie. It may be classified as a sports movie and have baseball in it, but let me just be frank with you all, this was hardly a baseball movie. Instead, this was a rather dull movie about dumb … More Gibsonburg (2013)

Full Count (2019)

We are always on the lookout for the latest baseball movie release. Full Count came out in 2019 and immediately went on our watchlist. Sadly it took almost a year to watch this movie, which turned out to be phenomenal.  It has been a full day since the movie ended, and I still can’t stop … More Full Count (2019)

Romance in the Outfield: Double Play (2020)

Our favourite Christian baseball player, Tyler (Derek Boone), is back for another chance to play ball and find love.  Sadly, Romance in the Outfield doesn’t live up to the first movie, Pitching Love and Catching Faith. The two most significant issues I had with this film were the side story with Tyler’s sister. She was … More Romance in the Outfield: Double Play (2020)