Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

It has taken me a lifetime to watch Lawrence of Arabia. I never thought this story would be for me most of that time, so I avoided it like the plague. Then when you factor in the run time of 228 minutes (three hours and forty-eight minutes), you have to be really committed to spending … More Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Amadeus (1984)

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has gone down as one of the most prolific composers the world has ever known. Amadeus won Best Picture in 1985 and is a fictional look into the great composer’s life as he struggled to write and orchestrate in the late 1800s. Considered one of the greatest films of all-time, this play … More Amadeus (1984)

Gandhi (1982)

When I started to compile the list of Best Picture winners I never watched, I will admit I dreaded the really long ones, like Gandhi, which came out the year I was born (1982) and clocks in 3:11 long.  As crazy as this following statement may sound, I found Gandhi to be fascinating. It was … More Gandhi (1982)