The Godfather III (1990)

I was only eight years old when The Godfather III came out. I was not old enough to fully comprehend what this movie was about, nor was I old enough to join the masses who probably cried out when this film got released. Sometimes, somethings are just better left alone, which should have happened with … More The Godfather III (1990)

Crash (2004)

Crash came out in 2004 and, after a ridiculous Oscar marketing campaign, walked away with the statue for Best Picture in early 2005. This movie shocked the world and beat out one of the most incredible classes of nominees. Crash is loved and hated by so many that it regularly appears at the top of … More Crash (2004)

The Sting (1973)

Paul Newman and Robert Redford will forever be known as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The two Hollywood icons did not win Best Picture for their gunslinger movie; however, the pair reunited in 1973 to give us The Sting, one of the most entertaining old movies I’ve ever seen.  Set in Chicago right after … More The Sting (1973)