Bright (2017)

Bright was released in 2017 and was a film that Netflix publicized heavily to attract viewers to their platform. With Will Smith and Joel Edgerton as headliners, it seemed like a golden opportunity for the streaming service to make a name in the action genre. Honestly, they failed. Miserably. If you need a good laugh, … More Bright (2017)

Meet Joe Black (1998)

Meet Joe Black is a reimagined movie based on Death Takes a Holiday (1934). Brad Pitt is Joe Black, Death in human form after a freak accident takes his life. He meets up with Bill Parrish (Anthony Hopkins), who is experiencing some health concerns but continues to live his life with no regrets. Joe falls … More Meet Joe Black (1998)

Fallen (2016)

Fallen would probably not pop up on anyone’s radar unless you read the books.  I was skeptical about a movie that has spawned several sequel books, yet only one film to date. These thoughts made me wonder how good the source material really was. Now having said that and after watching the movie, I am … More Fallen (2016)

Left Behind (2000)

The Left Behind series is a 16 book collection about the fictional end of the world, based on the scripture in the book of Revelations.  Several years after it’s release and best selling status, Cloud Ten made a handful of movies starring Kirk Cameron.  Given that the production quality was the early 2000s and by … More Left Behind (2000)