Suck (2009)

Yesterday morning while eating breakfast, I flipped through the channels on cable TV. I had an interest in watching a flick that was starting in a few hours, so in the meantime, I settled on watching this movie called Suck.  The film features a small indie band called “The Winners,” who somehow get turned into … More Suck (2009)

The Cable Guy (1996)

When we look back at most comedies, you will notice that specific stories were only successful upon release. The majority of these films have very subjective material that would be hit or miss with the current social trends. The Cable Guy falls into this category.  It is my humble opinion that Jim Carrey’s most sufficient … More The Cable Guy (1996)

Redeemed (2014)

People always say that life has a funny way of working out sometimes. Some people make mistakes and get a second chance to correct things while bringing balance back to their lives. Paul (Ted McGinley) owns a company that is on the rise. He’s got a pretty wife and success that comes with his growing … More Redeemed (2014)