Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

It has taken me a lifetime to watch Lawrence of Arabia. I never thought this story would be for me most of that time, so I avoided it like the plague. Then when you factor in the run time of 228 minutes (three hours and forty-eight minutes), you have to be really committed to spending … More Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

Gigi (1958)

After the opening sequence of Gigi, I was terrified. I’ve watched my fair share of musicals lately and prayed this would not make me want to pull my hair out (again). Thankfully Gigi was not at all what I expected and turned out to be one of the better Best Picture winners I’ve seen from … More Gigi (1958)

Gandhi (1982)

When I started to compile the list of Best Picture winners I never watched, I will admit I dreaded the really long ones, like Gandhi, which came out the year I was born (1982) and clocks in 3:11 long.  As crazy as this following statement may sound, I found Gandhi to be fascinating. It was … More Gandhi (1982)

Let It Snow (2019)

Hollywood has the tendency to revert back to the same themes when it comes to seasonal flicks. Let It Snow follows a handful of teenagers struggling to come to terms with the many self-inflicted problems they have in their lives.  I mentioned previously that the theme is nothing new. We’ve seen over a hundred movies … More Let It Snow (2019)