Onward (2020)

When the first trailer(s) for Onward was released, I had wondered if Pixar had finally lost their minds. This medieval-themed movie set around a pair of troll brothers looked terrible. I wasn’t the least bit excited, but then professional and personal reviews informed me that it was indeed Pixar’s next hit. Despite my skepticism and … More Onward (2020)

Bloodshot (2020)

Vin Diesel will always be remembered for one role, but when he’s not driving those fast cars, he has the tendency to make some very questionable movies. Bloodshot would never fall in the same category as say The Pacifier or The Last Witch Hunter because it is a tad bit better. Like a lot of … More Bloodshot (2020)

Midway (2019)

We all know by now that one of my least favourite film genres is war. Well, right behind westerns, I can’t bring myself to like those. I enjoy war movies, and even though my major in college focused a lot on history, I barely remember anything about the world wars. Midway was a pretty good … More Midway (2019)

Downton Abbey (2019)

Fans of the iconic British TV show will appreciate this movie more than I ever could. However, I went into this blindly and without any knowledge, and enjoyed a very down to earth story. There may have lingering stories from the show, that I didn’t fully comprehend, but the writers did a great job of … More Downton Abbey (2019)