Chicago (2002)

Chicago was the best picture winner in 2002. It also won the best supporting actress, direction-set decoration, costume design, film editing, and sound. The film was also nominated for seven different awards, that it didn’t win. Most musicals these days don’t get this kind of recognition no matter who is in the cast and how … More Chicago (2002)

Just Friends (2005)

We all have guilty pleasures. Of course, mine would be movies, but the fun part is enjoying those movies most people hate or can’t stand. I have a list of guilty pleasures, but those could change at any moment, and there are still a handful of films that didn’t make the top 10. Just Friends … More Just Friends (2005)

First Blood (1982)

Some people say there is nothing better than the original movie, no matter how good the sequels are.  It has been well over a decade since I went through a phase and rented as many Sylvester Stallone movies as Blockbuster would let me. I had always heard of Rambo but never actually watched the movie. … More First Blood (1982)