Chariots of Fire (1982)

It’s been a few days since I rented Chariots of Fire, and I’m still quite unsure how I feel about this film. The biggest question that still lingers in my mind is, “was I suppose to be inspired by this story?” To be quite honest, this was rather an uninteresting and uneventful movie with subpar … More Chariots of Fire (1982)

Happy Gilmore (1996)

Caddyshack came out in 1980 and may be considered the best golf comedy in film history. However, that was a different generation’s comedy. My generation’s golf movie is, hands down, Happy Gilmore.  Adam Sandler was just launching his career as a superstar when he got sponsored by Subway and went on to win his first … More Happy Gilmore (1996)

Caddyshack (1980)

There have been a handful of iconic golf movies out there; however, the gold standard has been Caddyshack for the last four years when it comes to comedies. what may surprise some of you, but not all of you, is that I love the sequel. (More on that in a later post) however, the reason … More Caddyshack (1980)

Twelve (2019)

Twelve popped up on my radar a little while ago. Since baseball went into hibernation, I was somewhat reluctant to tease myself with watching the game I dearly missed. Now that the game is back, it was time to fill my day with nothing but baseball.  At first glance, I figured Twelve would be just … More Twelve (2019)

Full Count (2019)

We are always on the lookout for the latest baseball movie release. Full Count came out in 2019 and immediately went on our watchlist. Sadly it took almost a year to watch this movie, which turned out to be phenomenal.  It has been a full day since the movie ended, and I still can’t stop … More Full Count (2019)