movies by genre

After a lengthy discussion about movies with friends, I set out to create a list of my favorite movies from different genres. I grouped them according to their tags on IMDb. The list is incomplete, and will probably change over time.

I’m still deciding on a Western.

Action Movie 

Adventure Movie

Animated Movie


Biography Movie

Comedy Movie

Crime Movie

Drama Movie


Family Movie

Fantasy Movie

History Movie

Holiday Movie


Horror Movie

Musical Movie

Music Movie

Mystery Movie


Romance Movie

Sci-Fi Movie


Sports Movie


Thriller Movie

War Movie

6 thoughts on “movies by genre

    1. Yes I have seen all three Swedish ones. Thought Noomi Rapace was fantastic. I really loved Daniel Craig in this one, and really hope they make the other two movies.

      1. It is def worth the watch if you want to see her get to the bottom of everything. All I can remember is that she tracks her father down in the second one and then the big trial takes up the majority of the third movie.

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