Greta (2018)

Greta showcases that the world is still full of mysterious people who do cruel things to one another. The innocent always fall prey and even those with the best intentions in their heart somehow end up on the dark side. It truly amazed me that a story set in 2018/9 would be so simple yet … More Greta (2018)

Us (2019)

There seemed to be a party and I wasn’t invited. It was at that party they discussed the finer details of Us and the vision Jordan Peele had for the movie. I say this because every single review I’ve skimmed so far talks about the movie’s references to social structure and how it’s a modern … More Us (2019)

The Forest (2016)

The Forest was a movie I wanted to watch several years back when it was released at the theatre. I skipped it and added it to my Netflix watch list, and finally watched it last night. I can safely say that is 1:33 minutes I will not be able to get back. The concept of … More The Forest (2016)

Book Review: Let Me In

  author: John Ajvide Lindqvist published: 2004 languages: English (originally Swedish) pages: 480 genre: Vampire Fiction  book summary: The story centers around the relationship of a boy named Oskar and a century-old vampire named Eli. Let Me In/Let the Right One In/Låt den rätte komma in was a bone-chilling dark romantic drama. The love story (if you can call it … More Book Review: Let Me In