Midway (2019)

We all know by now that one of my least favourite film genres is war. Well, right behind westerns, I can’t bring myself to like those. I enjoy war movies, and even though my major in college focused a lot on history, I barely remember anything about the world wars. Midway was a pretty good … More Midway (2019)

Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out won a few points from me based on originality. It has become increasingly hard to entertain and keep moviegoers engaged in 2019. Where Knives Out succeeded is the depth of the mystery. It was smart, it was unique, it made no sense, and it was entirely over the top. What got people excited … More Knives Out (2019)

Queen & Slim (2019)

When you strip down Queen & Slim down to its core, this film is really just another “Bonnie & Clyde” story, with different leads. What makes this particular version of the famous couple unique is the social commentary of 2019. Racism ended many decades, but often people ask, did it really? Police brutality is a … More Queen & Slim (2019)