The Proposal (2009)

My review and thoughts on The Proposal will shock the majority of you. I have never been a fan of this movie. Despite the intense chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, I just couldn’t find space in my heart to love it like so many have. As an immigrant myself, I was teased many … More The Proposal (2009)

Just Friends (2005)

We all have guilty pleasures. Of course, mine would be movies, but the fun part is enjoying those movies most people hate or can’t stand. I have a list of guilty pleasures, but those could change at any moment, and there are still a handful of films that didn’t make the top 10. Just Friends … More Just Friends (2005)

Warm Bodies (2013)

It is no secret that I hate zombies and most things related to zombies. Although zombies have always fascinated people, only recently (the last decade) has the mass media got on the zombie freight train. The Walking Dead gave zombies a whole new lease on life, and with that came a thousand projects based on … More Warm Bodies (2013)

Heat (1995)

Heat is a rare action/drama movie from 1995 that featured Robert De Niro and Al Pacino sharing the screen for the first time in their extraordinary careers. Directed by Michael Mann, Heat follows the story of Neil McCauley (De Niro), a criminal that takes down major scores in the city of Los Angeles. Hot on … More Heat (1995)