Fantasia (1940)

Fantasia is the ultimate Disney classic. It was just the second film released under Walt, and the whole idea behind the film was unique and unheard of at the time. What was so special about it was that each story and song were open to interruption. Whether it was the artist, the composer, or the … More Fantasia (1940)

Rebecca (1940)

I got to be honest here, never thought I’d watch this movie, let alone enjoy it. The entire movie, I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. When will the stuff hit the fan? Is Rebecca really dead? Are these people crazy? Will the new Ms. de Winter finally snap and leave or die? … More Rebecca (1940)

Pinocchio (1940)

4/10 I have never seen Pinocchio. With the exception of being beautifully animated, I totally wasn’t feeling this story. Pinocchio has to be the dumbest kid ever assemble and even though I fully understand he had many life lessons to learn, it took forever for everything to click. Most of the Disney classics are fairy … More Pinocchio (1940)