Cars (2006)

Owen Wilson will probably be remembered for his role in Wedding Crashers, but to a whole generation he will always be Lightning McQueen. This race car is the crown jewel of his professional, with an ego big enough to fill the Indy 500. Thanks to an unusual chain of events, he finds himself in the … More Cars (2006)

Eragon (2006)

I have never seen Eragon before, I also didn’t know this was based on a book series that never had a chance to be adapted to film after this one got released. What I ultimately took away from the film was who wrote How to Train Your Dragon saw this in 2006 and said, hey … More Eragon (2006)

Rocky Balboa (2006)

7/10 Sometimes people make movies to cash in on the money, it is really that simple. Rocky had been “retired” for almost twenty years, but thanks to modern technology was dragged out to the ring one more time. We didn’t need another Rocky movie, but we got one, and even though our main character is … More Rocky Balboa (2006)

Inferno (2016)

3/10 Inferno was a terrible movie that really was a slap to the face of the other movies in this franchise. The story tries to make a solid point about humanity, but goes way off course trying to deliver it. Robert Langdon is not supposed to get into these situations and his knowledge is totally wasted … More Inferno (2016)

Aquamarine (2006)

7/10 Movies made about mermaids are tough, given the special effects involved in making fish tales. On the other hand, to turn the mermaid into an ordinary beautiful girl, that usually requires no extra work. Aquamarine is a charming story about best friends and the pursuit of their dreams. The real world can throw many … More Aquamarine (2006)