Runaway Bride (1999)

9/10 Richard Gere and Julia Roberts started the decade with Pretty Woman, before closing it out with another romantic comedy hit, Runaway Bride. I love this film because of the comedic wit, which is really the glue that keeps the whole crazy story together. The ensemble cast feed off each other and give the story … More Runaway Bride (1999)

Pretty Woman (1990)

9/10 Pretty Woman is the ultimate romantic comedy. It is one of the best films to portray the rescue of a hopeless romantic by a knight in shinning armor, while showcasing how much fate plays a part in our lives. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere have an undeniable chemistry together which really adds to the … More Pretty Woman (1990)

The Wall (2017)

2/10 The Wall had so much promise. Three characters, a desert, a wall, and the fight to survive. Instead this film is about two men, one we never meet and one that is broken. The suspense build up to the rather lame ending really brought down anything that may have been good about this movie. … More The Wall (2017)

Snatched (2017)

1/10 If you read any reviews by amateur writers and paid professionals, you’ll know already that Snatched came out with mostly positive reviews on opening weekend. Let me tell you though, who ever said this movie was good or even hilarious is crazy. As of this writing, Snatched is the worse movie I’ve seen in … More Snatched (2017)