Father Figures (2017)

I wish I had one positive thing to say about Father Figures, but honestly I got nothing. Why on earth did they think a buddy comedy with Owen Wilson and Ed Helms would be funny is going to be one of life’s greatest mysterious. Neither can really carry their own roles in films where they … More Father Figures (2017)

Ferdinand (2017)

Pixar set the standard for tug at your heart-strings animation, so whoever tries to duplicate those same emotions always comes up short. Ferdinand is a great movie, for both the kids and adults, but was lacking the emotional power that we’ve come to expect over the last two decades from blockbuster animated movies. This story … More Ferdinand (2017)

Darkest Hour (2017)

Maybe I was mislead from all the promotional hype of Darkest Hour? I thought this movie was gonna be about the life and times of Winston Churchill (Gary Oldman) during his time as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in World War II. If you thought so too, let me be the first to tell … More Darkest Hour (2017)

The Star (2017)

This Christmas if you head out to the theater to avoid the blockbusters, then there is a little movie called The Star which features the story of Jesus. Yes, there are probably a thousand of them out there, but this is told from an animals point of view. You know, the animals that helped Mary … More The Star (2017)

Downsizing (2017)

Downsizing could have and should have been an amazing movie/concept, that wastes the performances of everyone in the cast. You could ask why I feel that way, this trailer looks amazing and unique. Well, once we get past the first 30 minutes of the movie when Matt Damon’s character gets downsized and adjusts to his … More Downsizing (2017)