Field of Dreams (1989)

Field of Dreams is considered one of the greatest baseball movies of all-time. Now I whole heartily don’t agree with that, since this is a movie about personal drama than the game of baseball. Some may consider Kevin Costner’s character to be crazy and I probably would have never believed him either. Thankfully he has … More Field of Dreams (1989)

Eight Men Out (1988)

The 1919 World Series will always be a black mark on the history of Major League Baseball. If you didn’t know, the Chicago White Sox agreed to throw the World Series to Cincinnati¬†in favour of big pay cheques from shady bookers instead of their owner. The details of these events can be argued for days, … More Eight Men Out (1988)

Bull Durham (1988)

I’ve seen Bull Durham once in my life. I hated it. I forced myself to sit through it again so I could write this review, and I hated it all over again. Kevin Costner is seriously the only enjoyable part of this comedy? romance movie? or baseball movie about the relationship or a crazy pitcher … More Bull Durham (1988)

The Rookie (2002)

The Rookie may be a Disney movie, but really any movie studio could have picked up the rights and given us this special inspirational story. What makes the story of Jim Morrison so amazing is the amount of passion he has for the game of baseball and the desire to follow his dreams. Even though … More The Rookie (2002)

The Babe (1992)

Babe Ruth is a legend on and off the field. For those of you who just know him as a baseball player would be shock to know how heartless he really was outside of the uniform. He is hailed as the greatest player to ever play the game of baseball, but no where in his … More The Babe (1992)

Sugar (2008)

Sugar is a baseball movie, but Sugar is also not a baseball movie. It’s no secret across the globe that players often “defect” from their home countries for a shot to be a professional anywhere in the United States. Miguel Santos ended up just like everyone else, except for one thing…he gave up baseball to … More Sugar (2008)