Shooter (2007)

run time: 124 mins rated: 18A considered: Action, Crime, Drama director: Antonie Fuqua starring: Mark Wahlberg, Michael Pena, Danny Glover, Kate Mara, Elias Koteas, Rhona Mitra, Jonathan Walker, Louis Ferreira, Tate Donovan, Rade Serbedzija, Alan C. Peterson, Ned Beatty, Lane Garrison, Zak Santiago, Michael-Ann Connor movie summary: One the world’s best sharp shooter assassins, Bob … More Shooter (2007)

Rudy (1993)

run time: 114 mins rated: PG considered: Biography, Drama, Sport starring: Sean Astin, Jon Favreau, Ned Beatty movie summary: Rudy has always been told that he was too small to play college football. But he is determined to overcome the odds and fulfill his dream of playing for Notre Dame. ( my thoughts: This movie … More Rudy (1993)