Argumentative August #1 – The Verdict (1982)

Argumentative August #15 – The Accused (1988) – Filmfunkel Rob and I would like to once again welcome you to another review for our Argumentative August Blogathon. This next film, The Accused is being reviewed by Tim of Filmfunkel. Let’s see what he thought of this movie… The Verdict (1982) The Verdict is an excellent court-room drama, a tight … More Argumentative August #1 – The Verdict (1982)

The Towering Inferno (1974)

run time: 165 mins rated: PG-13 considered: Action, Thriller starring: Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, William Holden, Faye Dunaway, Fred Astaire, Susan Blakely, Richard Chamberlain, O.J. Simpson, Robert Vaughn, Robert Wagner,  movie summary: At the opening party of a colossal, but poorly constructed, office building, a massive fire breaks out that threatens to destroy the tower … More The Towering Inferno (1974)

Slap Shot (1977)

run time: 123 mins rated: R considered: Comedy, Drama, Sport starring: Paul Newman, Jeff Carlson, Steve Carlson, David Hanson movie summary: A failing ice hockey team finds success using constant fighting and violence during games. ( my thoughts: Anyone who loves hockey has watched Slap Shot not once, but many times in their life. This movie … More Slap Shot (1977)