JFK (1991)

9/10 Oliver Stone may be controversial with many of his movies, but I feel he only gets the opportunity to scratch the surface of one of the world’s greatest mysteries, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Call this a conspiracy theory movie or what ever else you want, but this is pure brilliance. Kevin … More JFK (1991)

Thirteen Days (2003)

9/10 The Cuban Missile Crisis almost ended the world as we knew it in 1963. The tension between the UNited States and Russia were never any worse than thirteen days in October. Headlined by Kevin Costner and Bruce Greenwood, this amazing cast do an outstanding job of bringing the drama of those days to life … More Thirteen Days (2003)

Dave (1993)

9/10 There are a handful comedies about the Presidency, yet none are as good as Dave. Kevin Kline is fantastic as both the President and a regular guy who can do impersonations. Dave is a real good story because it has a heart and soul, while sending a message about doing the right thing. Filled … More Dave (1993)

Frost/Nixon (2008)

7/10 Tricky Dick was a very controversal man and President. When it came time to tell the truth, or at least have the opportunity to tell the truth, he chose to play a game and not seize the opportunity in front of him. British reporter David Frost was one of Nixon’s greatest adversaries, because he … More Frost/Nixon (2008)

Lincoln (2012)

5/10 Lincoln is one of those movies that is held in such high regard because of its award-winning lead. I can’t quite jump on that wagon because despite the solid performance from Daniel Day-Lewis, I found this movie to be slow and boring. The cinematography and costume¬†design was really good to showcase the late 1800’s, … More Lincoln (2012)

W. (2008)

4/10 George W. Bush is either a hero or an idiot, this opinion will be based on which side of the political line you are on. Oliver Stone tries his best to paint a bad picture of the former President but doesn’t actually hit all the marks he’s aiming for. In some regards this film … More W. (2008)